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Favorite Scriptures of 100 American Leaders


Praise for Favorite Scriptures

“Our country was built on faith. These scriptures help remind us what is really important.”

--Jason Chaffetz, Fox News Contributor & author of The Deep State


“Here's a surprising and nonpartisan glimpse of some of our country's greatest leaders, as seen through their favorite selections from Scripture. Winder offers a unique look at a diverse group of Americans from the past and present that will leave you spiritually refreshed and inspired.”

--Terry Golway, Senior Editor at POLITICO States and author of Frank and Al: FDR, Al Smith, and the Unlikely Alliance That Created the Modern Democratic Party


“For too long American history has been written without mention of the Scriptures that have framed our culture, set moral boundary stones, and inspired our greatest leaders. Mike Winder helps correct this. He reminds us of what is often forgotten and of what has power to inspire us in the challenges of our time. We need more historians like him.”

--Stephen Mansfield, Ph.D., New York TimesBestselling Author of Choosing Donald Trump: God, Anger, Hope, and Why Christian Conservatives Supported Him


“This accessible and inclusive book succinctly shares leaders' backgrounds and their favorite scriptures from a wide array of faith traditions. Winder helps us recognize that they are more than Democrats or Republicans, famous or infamous -- they are human beings. I'm grateful for this book's contribution to a more connected world.”

--Beth Silvers, author of I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening): A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations


“An excellent, politically neutral look at the scriptures that guide great leaders. Winder gives an illuminating synopsis of the leaders behind the quotes. It's refreshing to read about America's leaders in a politically unbiased format.”

--Michael Conklin, author of Inaugural Addresses Examined


“In this informative and inspiring volume, Mike Winder takes us into the souls of great men and women, to look at the holy words which give light to their feet and purpose to their march. Perhaps in their driving inspirations you can find inspiration of your own.”

--Bob Lonsberry, award winning columnist and talk-show host 


"Mike Winder's collection usefully illustrates not only the profound impact religion has had on American culture and politics, but also the diverse ways in which Americans have understood what it means to be religious in the first place."

--Matthew Bowman, author of Christian: The Politics of a Word in America


“The core of any individual is their chosen beliefs; and nothing speaks louder than when a person shares their favorite scripture from Holy Writ. Winder gives us this revealing window to the soul of America’s leaders and the key to their motivation and actions.” 

--Ronald L. Fox, Advanceman for six U.S. Presidents, Author, Historian